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Magic knows that the most important thing to you is getting the best service for the best price.  So that's our policy!  QUALITY:  We only use the highest quality lawn and pest products, sparing no expense on our end to give you the healthiest, greenest lawn and a pest-free yard and home.  PRICING:  Our policy is to beat any competitor's pricing, even after you sign up with us.  So MAGIC will always be the best deal in town!  NO annual contract required.
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Many people don't know this but half of the weed species that attack your lawn every spring and summer germinate in the fall, NOT the spring, which means if we don't apply our powerful Fall Pre Emergent blend in time, those thousands of tiny lawn-ravaging seeds will sprout up all over your lawn next year even with a Spring Pre Emergent.  So see if any of the fall-germinating weeds below look familiar to you.
Magic's 6 Standard Lawn Care Treatments
Does your lawn need a little Magic?  Our high quality and comprehensive fertilizers, pre-emergents, herbicides, and lawn pesticides guarantee the healthiest, greenest lawns in town! 
  • Early Spring: Essential fertilizers & micro nutrients, and a powerful blend of Spring Pre-Emergents.
  • Late Spring: Essential fertilizers & micro nutrients, a second wave of powerful Spring Pre-Emergents, and a systemic pesticide to prevent summer grubs and other lawn destroying insects from ravaging your lawn's root system.
  • Early Summer: Essential fertilizers & micro nutrients, a blast of powerful broadleaf herbicides to wipe out any weeds that may have broken through the Pre-Emergent barrier, and a topical pesticide to kill any insects that may have migrated over to your lawn from an untreated neighbors' lawn.
  •  Late Summer: Essential fertilizers & micro nutrients, a second wave of systemic pesticides to keep your lawn's roots pest free against the fall grub season, and spot treatments for any sporadic weeds that may have taken root.
  •  Early Fall: Essential fertilizers & micro nutrients, a powerful blend of Fall Pre Emergents to bind up the thousands of fall-germinating weed seeds that lay dormant in your lawn, and additional weed & insect spot treatments as needed.
  •  Late Fall: Essential fertilizers & micro nutrients, weed & insect spot treatments as needed, and a magical blend of Humate soil conditioners mixed with Norwegian sea kelp to super-charge your lawn's root system with all the pre-hibernation nutrients it needs for a hardy kickstart in the spring.  This last treatment is what makes your lawn green-up weeks before your neighbors'.
Magic's 4 Quarterly Pest Control Treatments
Everyone knows pests are annoying but they also pose a severe health risk to people and pets.  With the recent outbreak of the dreaded West Nile Virus on top of the many other diseases and illnesses commonly borne by pests, having a pest free environment is much more than just having a comfortable BBQ with the neighbors.  MAGIC implements a time-tested IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program to wipe out existing pests, prevent new pests from infesting your property, and do it all in a manner that's safe for people and pets.  Here's just a few of the basic package elements:
**All pest control treatments come with free re-treatments, as needed, between and within 2 weeks of the regularly scheduled treatments.**
  • Exterior Perimeter Spray: Our MAGIC child-&-pet safe, exterior treatment provides a long-lasting barrier that kills insects on contact.  And the time-released nature of the product means it will keep killing those pesky insects for months.  We treat all exterior walls 3-feet up and away from the structures, inside all window wells, around all doors and windows, and in and around all landscaping retaining walls.
  • Interior Spray (if desired): Some people like to have the inside of their structure treated and some would rather not.  If you desire to have the interior of your structure sprayed we'll treat the baseboards, behind appliances, beneath sinks, and in and around all pipe-to-wall penetrations.
  • Perimeter Granulation: Not all insects attack from the air or on land.  Some burrow beneath the soil like termites, ants, worms, and various larvae.  To kill these stealthy critters we granulate your lawn and garden with a 10-foot band around the entire structure that contains a time-released, dissolvable pesticide that seeps deep into the soil using regular sprinkler watering and rainfall to kill even those bugs you can't see.
  • Eave Clean & Dusting: Wasps and spiders are probably the most aggressive and annoying bugs we want to get rid of.  To kill these we first remove their webs and nests from the structure and then we dust all the eves and crevices with a long-lasting kill powder that contains a pheromone blocking agent to prevent their return. 
  • Baiting for Rodents: Our rodent traps use a humane method of baited blood thinning agents that causes a rodent to tire, return to their underground dens, fall asleep, and eventually die.
  • Crack & Crevice Sealing: Our exterior treatments kill most if not all bugs before they ever enter your structure.  But we go ahead and seal all large cracks, exterior pipe, and vent penetrations with a structural foam to prevent insects from sneaking in through them.  (This service does not include making structural repairs to a previously damaged or unfinished building). 
  • Other Services: For other services such as beehive remediation or serpent and other large critter removal, call one of our specialists at 801-890-3777 for a quote. 

*A referral is a person who signs up for one of our regularly scheduled services.  Reward amount shall be either one free treatment, lawn or pest, or if the value of the referred customer's regular service is less than the referrer's service, the referrer's account will be credited with the value of one of the referred parties's regularly scheduled services, either one lawn care or one pest control service. 
Fertilization • Weed Control •  Pest Control  •  Mosquito Abatement • Etc 
Best Pricing • No Annual Contract Required
Always the best deal in town!
Magic knows the most important thing to you is getting the best service for the best price. So that's our policy! 
 We are currently doing our Spring pre-emergent treatments, which prevent up to 95% of those annoying summer weeds.  This treatment is time sensitive so give us a call today to nip your weed seeds in the bud.
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